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[Beauty for Life] What's in My Bag | SS2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

From the high end original Bottega Veneta, to various high street dupes, the cloud shaped clutch bag is probably one of the biggest bag hit in spring summer 2020. Yes , yes I know we're still in lockdown, and I don't actually get to use this super cute oversized ruched clutch bag I got from ASOS because I'm home all day (duh). But if we weren't in quarantine, this is what I would take with me to my weekly coffee hopping Saturday, and today I would like to share with you what I would take with me to explore London and its amazing cafes once we're out of quarantine. Now are you ready? Let's go.

This clutch may seem tiny but I was so surprised at how much it would actually hold! Made from reasonably soft vegan leather, this bag does have a little bit of structure but if I wanted it to hold up perfectly perky, I do need to put quite a lot in it to have it retain it tip-top shape. Personally I see it as a plus than a con as I am not exactly a minimalist when it comes to packing a bag.

This clutch bag has both a zip and magnetic closure so it's very secure. Even if I dropped it to the floor, my stuff will still be well protected in the bag and not all over the place. Perfect for clumsy people like myself!

I will never leave the house without my lipstick or lip gloss of the day as my lips are so dry and so pale! If I didn't have one with my my lip literally cracks and bleed, and that is not a good look. My all time summer obsession for the past two years has been this VECUA lip gloss I bought from Tokyo. This lip gloss is extremely moisturising as it's made with honey, perfect for my crappy chapped lips! And this colour Koiakane (恋茜) is just too pretty. It's a peachy pink with tiny specks of gold shimmers. Such a perfect summer colour.

My lips are not the only bits of skin that gets dry on me. My hands are no different. That's why having a tube of handcream in my bag is a must. I got mine from the Body Shop which are so oh basic but so good. I especially appreciate the fact that they come in these mini-tube size so I can always fit one into my purse no matter how small it may be.

Hand sanitizers used to be one of those 'good to have but not a must' thing. I am glad to see that people have changed their attitude due to COVID-19. It's important that we clean our hands before we eat anything. But a washroom is not always available especially when we are, let's say, having a picnic in a park. This is when a tiny bit of hand sanitizer comes handy. I particularly like this one form Aesop. Not only because they smell AMAZING, but also because they have added oils into it, make it much less drying than other sanitizers.

A compact mirror is another thing that's nice to have, especially if I knew I was going to visit a bar or club in the evening. Although most of the time we can simply use the mirror in the washroom, but in a bar there is always a long queue to the ladies room and I simply cannot be bother if I was just going to apply some lipstick. That's why I like to have a small mirror on hand. I got this one from Sephora years ago when I still lived in Canada, and it's by far one of the best compact mirror I've owned. Not only because it's sleek and thin, perfect size for a clutch, but also the fact that it lits up and has both a normal mirror and a magnifying mirror. It has everything I want in one simple compact.

Whenever I have the space, I also like to bring with me a small bottle of perfume. Although I have a big perfume collection, very few of them actually last on me for more than 3 hours. That's why I like to have the option of reapplying regardless of where I am. It's the simplest way to freshen up in a long day. My go-to summer scent is this one from Fresh called Citron de Vigne. Inspired by the fresh and sweet air of Champagne vineyards in France, this fragrance is light and elegant, making it perfect for summer.

As much as I loved my beauty products, let's all face it, they are not exactly the most important things to bring on a normal day out. The three real things that I will get into trouble without are in fact my keys, my purse, and my phone (not shown). I have had this black wallet from Prada for years now and it's still my favourite! It's durable, plenty of slots for cards, and a spacious coin pouch.

I will also never leave my house without my Final E3000 earphones. It's an oldie but a goodie. It's a high quality, well balanced, and durable in-ear earphone that does everything I ask it to. It is a pity that the iPhone converter has downgraded it quality but besides that this earphone is the best I've had so far.

A book may not be a must for most people these days since our smartphones can do so much, but it's still something I insist to have with me wherever I go. One of the reasons being I like enjoying a good chapter in a quiet cafe with a good cup of cappuccino, another reason being the signal is so shit in the London underground, what else am I supposed to do? The book you see in the photo is Sora no Naka (空の中) by Hiro Arikawa. I'm currently still on the second chapter but I do quite like it! Also look at that cute cat book cover, isn't it just lovely? I absolutely love it despite the fact that it's constantly covered in cat fur.

There you have it! Everything including my iPhone 11 Pro fits into this compact pouch and it's just such a cute little bag that goes with every single one of my outfit. Simply amazing!

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