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[Spiritual Journey] Oracle Deck Review: Moonology by Yasmine Boland

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Author: Yasmine Boland

Illustrator: Nyx Rowan

First Impression:

The Moonology oracle deck is a 44 card deck featuring the different energies of each lunations. Don't be fooled by the serenity of this deck, its energy is powerful. This deck is direct and encouraging (aka it doesn't talk shit). The message it gives is clear and never vague, making it easy to read even for beginners. The slightly muted colour scheme of the deck gives it a mysterious vibe which reminds me of the moon secretive nature.

The complete deck:


The message delivered by this deck is clear and easy to interpret. The energy of the deck is strong yet comforting. The images are well designed and accentuate the message behind. The drawings are very detailed and the use of colours are fabulous. The hand feel of this deck is quite smooth, but not too slippery to a point where it slides everywhere when being shuffled. This deck is set at a very affordable price point and is readily amazon on Amazon, making it approachable for both experts and beginners.


The card stock is quite thin, and it could feel flimsy when being shuffled. Yet, considering the affordable price point of this deck, the quality is in fact pretty good.

My major problem with this deck is that the size of it is quite big. So it could be difficult to shuffle around especially if you have smaller hands like me. On the left is a comparison between the Moonology Oracle Cards (at the bottom) and the Moon Deck (on top). The Moon Deck is about the standard size for an oracle deck and the Moonology one is slightly larger.

Who I think this deck best suits:

This deck is easy to read and interpret. The messages delivered are very clear. On top of those, this deck is quite affordable and the overall quality is good. In my opinion, it is suitable for anyone, from beginner to expert readers. However, I would not recommend using this deck for commercial use, since the cards aren't extremely sturdy and could possible wear off quite quickly when being used frequently.

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