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[Beauty for Life] My Top 5 Skincare Secrets

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Skincare is a crucial step to younger and healthier looking skin. As much as there are many scientific studies and knowledge behind the art of beauty, here are my 5 simple skincare tips which will hopefully help you out.

1. Double Cleanse

Always double cleanse, especially if you wear makeup. Often times we only got rid of what’s on top of our skin but not what’s deep down in our pores. That’s why double cleansing is so important. Usually I would start with an oil based cleanser, something like a cleansing oil or balm. My personal favourite is the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, or the MUJI’s Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil for a more affordable option. This will remove even the tiniest trace of waterproof makeup. After removing the makeup after the first cleanse, we can move to our second cleanse which could be a gel cleanser, foam cleanser or any type of cleanser that your heart desire; this would remove any dirt and makeup residue from our last cleanse. My personal favourite cleanser of all time is the MUJI Mild Cleansing Gel, which could also be used to remove traces amount of makeup just in case there is any, plus the pleasant citrus scent just make it so enjoyable to use.

2. Cleanse, But Don’t Over Cleanse

Yes, I know, I literally just said we need to make sure our face is squeaky clean 2 minutes ago. But on the other hand, over cleansing could strip our skin which in turn damage our skin’s natural barrier and makes it produce even more sebum. That’s why after deep cleansing at night, try to resist washing your face with abrasive cleansers in the morning, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. What we can do instead, is to skip the cleanser but to wash with only water. This would get rid of the dirt buildup throughout the night when we’re in bed. Alternatively, we can wipe our face with a toner, which is my preferred method. First of all, toner contains water, and by wiping your face with a cotton pad soaked in toner, you removed all the dirt on your face and basically got the cleaning part covered. The bonus is, you get the skincare benefit from the toner and saved yourself an extra skincare step. After All, every minutes in the morning counts! If you use an exfoliating toner like the the Pixi Glow Tonic, you at the same time could get rid of the dead skin cells build up which makes your skin smoother and absorbs other skincare products better.

2. Shiseido’s ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate.

This is a wonderful product that worked magic for me. This wonderful all-time bestseller claims to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier which it absolutely does. I’ve seen a major improvement in my skin since I started using this product. My skin became more stable and experience fewer breakouts and sensitivity under environmental instability such as seasonal changes. If there is one magic product that I would like to recommend to you, it would be this. It is on the pricier side indeed but trust me, it worths every single penny.

3. A Good Lip Treatment

If you’re like me and you have crappy, flaky, dry chapped lips, a good lip treatment is what you need. If you’re looking for a good moisturizing lip treatment to fix your flaky dry lips situation without irritating your sensitive lips, you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for a great moisturizing lip balm that makes your lips smooth and supple overnight, try BITE Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask. This wonder product will smooth any chapped lips into a smooth baby’s bum bum. Bonus, this stuff tastes delicious! If you have dry and irritated lips that are bleeding like me, you gotta try out Shiseido’s MOILIP. Its anti-inflammatory properties will keep your lips moisturized, protected and heal it overnight.

5. Reapply Your Sunscreen

Sun protection is important. Prolonged UV exposure could damage our skin and speed up the aging process. Most of us know the importance of applying sunscreen but I bet not many of us actually follow the instructions and re-apply it throughout the day unless we are on the beach. No matter which type of sunscreen you are using, physical or chemical or a combination of both, their protective effect gradually fade once they’re exposed and that’s why we need to reapply. The one problem is that how are we supposed to do that if we have makeup on. Thankfully companies like Coola now makes spray-on sunscreens that are safe for the face and we can simply spray it over makeup with disturbing it. Alternatively, companies like Bare Minerals and Mineral Fusion does powder sunscreen where you can reapply as simple as brushing it all over your face (and makeup), plus there will be no need for extra touch-up to stay matte. Win-win!

Bonus Tips: Contraceptive Pills

I know this could be a controversial topic and some of you may be rising your eyebrows now. But I assume you’re here to check out what helped me keep my skin clear and smooth, and this what I used. The results were almost immediate. I saw a difference after 2 months of oral administration. Other than my skin clearing up, it also helped with emotional swings and a major relief from intense cramping during those days of the month.Of course, this option is not for everyone. If you would like to try it out, make sure to consult your doctor and make sure you understand any possible side effects and consequences that come with it.

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