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[Life Under COVID] How to Survive Quarantine | What to Do in Self-isolation AKA How to Stay Sane

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

As the threat of the COVID-19 (also known as WARS, coronavirus or SARS-Cov2) pressing closer in to all of us, and as resident of London, we are now required to work from home and self isolate as well as keeping social distance. We are desperately in need of figuring out how to adjust to our new indoor lifestyle. We are desperately in need of figuring out how to adjust to our new indoor life. If you are getting board and need to find something to do, I have some ideas that would hopefully keep you busy and healthy while also avoiding the crowd. These are the 6 things you could do at home while being in quarantine.

1. Workout

Just because we are stuck indoor, it doesn't mean we can't open the windows and pull out our yoga mat for some good old yoga moves or Pilates. In these days especially, we need to make sure that we are taking good care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. Working out releases serotonin, aka the happy hormones. Among them, a lot of people find yoga in particular helped with reducing stress level and anxiety. Just because we're not going out it doesn't mean we should skip on our workout. If you don't have a yoga mat, this is the time to buy one. If you haven't done yoga before, this is a good time to start! There are plenty of tutorials online suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Don't worry, the online community has us all covered!

2. Work according to schedule

For some of us, quarantine doesn't mean turning stale at home, but just working on our laptop from a different place. And that's a good thing. The last thing we want when we're self-isolating is sitting in a couch having nothing to do. The challenge here is how to make sure we actually stay motivated and work accroding to schedule, as well as meeting deadlines etc. Although technically speaking we don't have to get ready, leave our bed and our flat to go to work, it's still important that we wake up at the same time in the morning, start work on time, stay at work throughout the day, at the comfort of our own home. We, humans, are animals of habit; and having good habits is one of the most important thing that will keep us sane in these challenging times. If your job can't be done from home and you're now on leave, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't work. There are lots of freelancing tasks that could be done online with a laptop, such as translating jobs, tutoring, life coaching etc. These are difficult times and we could all definitely use some extra cash. So if you're just sitting at home having nothing to do, this is your chance of finding a part time freelance job, and work on a side project to make sure you have income while we're under lock-down.

3. Learn something new

You're in quarantine, have nothing to do other than your normal home working tasks and going out for groceries and exercise. This, is the perfect time to learn something new! May it be programming, cooking, knitting, gardening, or a new language; if there is anything you love to learn and just didn't had the time to, this is your chance! Go online, join an online class or find an online tutor, and learn that new skill! With all the time we have in lock-down to study and practice, you will definitely become an expert by the time the world is normal again.

4. Spring cleaning

Keeping our living space clean is more important now then ever. That being said, with or without the outbreak, spring is the perfect time for a deep cleaning. Since we're all staying indoors all day every day now, why not make good use of this time and make our house sparkling clean? 70% alcohol is good. 1% bleach? Even better. If you're cleaning a surface that's not supposed to be in contact with bleach, then a multisurface cleaner with anti-viral properties like Dettol is your best friend (not sponsored). This is the perfect time to put away all the winter clothes and blankets, and bring out those spring florals and linens. Clean the bathtub and wash the rugs. I promise you, afterwards your flat will feel fresh and brand new, and most importantly? It'll be coronavirus free.

5. Virtual parties

Just because we are confined to our own apartment/ house, it doesn't mean we have to give up social life and good parties. Thanks to the internet, nowadays we can still hang out with our friends while keeping our social distance. Some obvious choices would be Skype (allows group chat for up to 50 people for free), Zoom, and Houseparty. With these social media applications available to us, there is no excuse for not putting on that cute outfit or those hot, new pants you just bought online, and crack open a bottle of wine while enjoying the time and accompany with our social circle. Who says online socialite is not a thing?

6. Art and craft

Not everyone of us are party animals or love sports. For all my fellow lovely indoor cats, fear not, because this is also the perfect time for us all crafty people to have some quality time with our artistic selves. With all the time we have at home, and thank Goddess that Amazon and most online stores are still up and running, this would be the perfect opportunity to pick up that embroidery kit or that half knitted sock you left on your bedside table since Christmas. And when you do, make sure to share it on social media and tag me @flammingrowan so I can see how amazing it is!

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