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[Lifestyle] Be Your Own Valentine - How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but you are currently enjoying your single’s life and don’t exactly have a ‘date’ for this day, what do you do? Well, here are some ideas for us single life lovers, if you don’t already have a plan on this romantic day. Valentine’s Day is the day to show affection to those you love, and we should all love ourselves, right? (Wink wink)

1. Pamper Yourself with a Spa.

What better day there is to show yourself some love and attention other than Valentine’s Day. Get yourself some Valentine’s Day bath bombs, grab a bottle of sparkling wine and sprinkle your bubbly bathtub with rose petals if you want to go the extra miles. Light some soothing scented candles and enjoy a good book or some Netflix. There’s nothing better than some quality spend alone time. With some extra bucks to spend, make a reservation at a professional spa center. After all, why do it yourself when someone could do it for you?

2. Try Out a New Chocolate Recipe

Valentine’s Day should really be Chocolate Day instead, don’t you think? Make yourself some fancy chocolate dipped strawberries or an addicting warm chocolate lava cake served with double chocolate ice cream (find my recipe here). Who needs a date when you have chocolate.

3. Make Yourself (and Friends) a Romantic Dinner

Just because you’re not seeing someone, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy and fancy romantic dinner. Make yourself a fancy dinner and enjoy the whole thing all by yourself, or share it with some friends! If you have some extra bucks, put on your best outfit and go out for a fancy dinner, maybe you’ll bump into someone who’s as gorgeous as you are!

4. Attend a Concert or Show

Every day is the day for good art. Celebrate this romantic day of the year with some good music! Go check out some opera or orchestra concerts in your local area. A live band performance is another great option to get the night heat up.

5. Girls (or Guys) Night In/ Out

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of love, with your loved ones. Arrange a house party for a group of besties and just have fun! Alternatively, put on your hottest outfit and take the party downtown. All the trendiest bars and pubs are always packed on Valentine’s day. Great opportunity to just have a good time with your friends and maybe meet some new ones too!

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5. Take Advantage of the V-Day’s deals (with or without your besties).

Valentine’s Day deals are now live! Shops like Amazon and Macy’s are on huge sales. Don’t miss out the chance of getting your favourite items on discounts. Plus what’s better than online shopping while sipping on some romantically delicious chocolate martini? Enjoy deals like dinner for 2 discounts and spa for 2 discounts with your besties! I mean, it’s not like that they can tell whether you two are dating or not ;)

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